"War is a drama, not a game of chess."
Gen Eisenhower

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Welcome to YOUR Blog!

Have you heard! People are finally going to hear
about our stories!
Welcome to your blog. Have a great after action report? A great story or a heartbreaking battle? Tell us about it by posting it here. I will moderate the site but it is meant for me (and the collective US) to hear your stories using Platoon Forward.
Ground Rules:
Posts must have something (even vaguely) to do with Platoon Forward. Does not have to be WW II. Can be anything (variants) you guys have come up with as I know there is at least one variant for Sci fi out there.
Be kind and courteous in all discourse.
To post please e-mail me at the_legans4@msn.com and I will add you to the list of people that can post.
Thanks and enjoy!

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