"War is a drama, not a game of chess."
Gen Eisenhower

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Squadron Forward Game - Romanians v Soviets

Its been a while since I have gotten a game in so this report is overdue. I just got in an interesting game last night. My game group in Atlanta has been playing a Squadron Forward campaign. I drew up the first squadron but this was actually the first game I have been able to get in.

You can read the report here.

What I would like to bring up is what to do after the action has taken place. No rules or campaign system can deal with every possible situation. Once came up last night that should be extremely rare. It does not happen often when a friendly fire incident happens. Its rarer when it happens twice to the same pilot in the same mission. My Flight Leader managed to shoot friendly aircraft not once but twice. In the first case, he did not do any damage to the bomber he hit but that aircraft was later shot down by the enemy. In the second incident, he shot his wing man doing structural damage. All fighter aircraft returned to base (on both sides, no less) and two bombers were shot down and the other two sustained some damage.

So it was a complete bust for the Romanians. But what do you do to the pilot that had two such incidents in one action? In my after action report, I had the pilot dismissed from service and arrested. Has anyone had a similar incident? Or what would you have done with the offending pilot?


  1. That's really unlucky, only ever done it once by a pilot at a time.

    The way you did it was probably best, or have them taken off flying for a few games and return after. Any more mistakes = canned


  2. Chris,

    Interesting!! Nice post. To me that is what the AKOT is for; handling those situations where there are no rules. I think I would say, he is seen as a saboteur would be likely. If yes odds of being tried and shot likely. If he was not seen as a saboteur I think he would be seen as a poor pilot and either released or put into a desk job depending on his previous service record.

    Great job Chris as always


  3. Here the time has stopped in 2014..what is with you? All right? I hope to read more posts soon.